We want to support the local music scene by creating live music videos to share with a global audience. We do this out of love, out of a passion of the local music scene, from being Newcastle born and bred with a deep respect for the area and those in it. But we could not do it without help. Below are our supporters. We cannot thank them enough. We hope that you will visit them and check out their sites.

IC12: Official Lighting Partner

Music on the Spot uses IC12’s awesome LED Light Cubes as its light source when we are filming on location. The cubes are battery powered, meaning they are silent and don’t require mains power, and are perfect for us shooting live music videos and recording audio live in unique locations. They pump out an impressive 5,000 lumens and have the bonus of being able to use varying light modifiers with them. They are great for when we need extra light to make our scene pop. They are the ideal companion for a run and gun independent film maker.

We also make use of their handy little, but incredibly powerful, Qubies (also known as the IC12 Micro Light). These little lights, perfect for partnering with your smart phone or Go-Pro, can stick on almost any surface via either the suction cap and magnet or tripod screw. If you want a light to make your mobile photos or videos better, or even just want a handy light to stick on the fridge in case of an emergency, these are great, powerful lights to have in your bag.

Jump over and give them a like on Facebook (LED Light Cube / The Qubie) and visit their website. IC12 is one of our biggest supporters and we truly appreciate them getting involved from the pre-production stages of this project.


IC12 Led Light Cube, Official Lighting Sponsor of Music on the Spot, Supporters of Live Music Videos
IC12 Led Light Cube, Official Lighting Sponsor of Music on the Spot